Five Must-Have Apps to Enhance Your Travel

In the digital age we have come to rely on a plethora of smartphone and tablet apps for all of our daily needs. When it comes to traveling, there are also a medley of apps to assist you with everything from booking flights to navigating cities countries entirely new to you, to finding tourist attractions. Below are some of the highest rated, most versatile, and most user-friendly apps out there to assist you with your travel needs. And the best part? They’re all free!

(Free; Android, iOS)

SkyScanner is an ideal app for travelers seeking the best deals on both international and domestic flights. It compares and lists literally millions of flights through hundreds of airlines. In addition to standard search filters (airline, price, dates, times, etc.), customers can also filter by cabin class and can conveniently peruse flight schedules using weekly or monthly views. The app conveniently links users directly to airlines or travel agents for easy and expedient booking.

XE Currency
(Free; Android, iOS)

XE is a wildly popular currency conversion app because of its versatility. Above all, it boasts the ability to convert currency from every single country in the world, but it also includes many other great features such historic currency charts and live conversion rates for all kinds of business commodities such as precious metals. An added perk is that XE Currency works offline as well as well, accessing the last updated rates, so it’s ideal for travel in places where you may have limited data access or are subject to roaming charges.

Google Translate
(Free; Android, iOS)

Google’s translation app allows users to translate typed-in phrases to and from ninety different languages. One of the most convenient features is the ability to use your camera to photograph text that the app can then automatically translate; likewise it can also translate from recorded speech or video. A particularly fun aspect is the ability to choose voice and gender of the translator. Users can also download language packs and commonly used phrases (in many but not all of the offered languages) that can be utilized while offline.

Time Out
(Free; Android and iOS)

Time Out is a truly impressive directory of endless things to do and see in cities worldwide. The app includes restaurants, bars, museums, parks, unique attractions, and more, leaving you with no lack of entertainment. The Time Out app also has a handy event finder that lists the best live concerts, shows, and festivals going on nearby. Tickets and reservations can be booked directly through the app, which is perhaps the best feature.

(Free; Android, iOs)

LiveTrekker is perfect for adventure-seekers because it preserves your trips to look back on later by creating interactive maps of your travels. The app records not just your exact route (denoted by a red line), but also your speed and altitude, making it an excellent resource for documenting your travels in both nature and in cities alike. You can also conveniently add photos, videos, and text along the way in order to assemble a multimedia travel log which can also be shared.