5 Ways to Make Your Halloween A Memorable Staycation

October can be a great opportunity to plan a fun and family friendly staycation. Many parents will spend time this month preparing treats for school events, shopping for candy, and picking out costumes. On the other hand, Halloween can be a last minute snatch & grab at your local retail store picking through what’s left on the Halloween aisle. In any event, with just a little planning, you can turn this holiday into a memorable staycation for you, your family, and friends. 

halloween staycation


Halloween can be more than just ghouls & goblins.  Many of us may be staying home while in charge of the candy bowl this year for eager trick-or-treaters. Some of us take to the streets in our neighborhoods dressed in costumes with candy bags & buckets in tow. Others opt for a good ole Halloween party or local haunted house. However you choose to celebrate your Halloween this year, adding in some of these tips will turn your frightful night into a memorable staycation. 


CHOOSE AN EVENT – There are sure to be lots of local events around town for this holiday. Haunted houses, traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating, trunk-or-treats, and halloween parties are some just to name a few. You can also opt for a staycation right at home. Turn your house into a spooky destination that you and your guests will enjoy.

PLAN AHEAD – Whether you’re door knocking in the neighborhood or attending a haunted house, planning ahead is important to ensure your staycation is the most it can be. If you’ll be doing a lot of walking, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and attire and soak up some new scenery in your own neighborhood. If you’ll be taking a lot of photos for social media, make sure your devices are charged, your make-up is on point, and the lighting is right for your photos. Hosting a party may require a bit more planning .

MAKE IT AN ADVENTURE – Visiting new places around town, creating your own haunted house, throwing a fun party with spooky games, or adding creative & festive treats to the menu are all excellent ways to add adventure to your staycation. If you have a backyard, use it! 

FUEL THE FRIGHT –  Part of this holiday demands that we consume more sugar, candy, & sweets than could ever be good for us. Before your night out, be sure to fuel up with a healthy and satisfying dinner. If you want to make it even more memorable, choose a fancy restaurant. If you’re staying in or hosting a party, get creative with some Halloween Recipes. Whether you’re dining in or eating out, your future self will thank you.  

REFLECT, RELAX, & HAVE FUN – Many celebrate this holiday as a day to honor and remember loved ones that have passed away. Honoring those that have gone before us can add meaning, memory, and tradition to our holiday. After a long night out, many return home with their score of bounty from a night of pounding the pavement, door knocking, and shouting for treats. It’s time to relax and enjoy “the spoils of war”. It’s time to dig in and enjoy! 


Overall, there are many ways you can turn this holiday into a staycation and create an adventure that both kids and adults will enjoy! However you choose to celebrate your Halloween, make it a memorable one. With these five tips that we’ve outlined for you here, you’re sure to make your Halloween staycation one for the books!


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