Mhde Askar Explains Why Fall May Be the Best Time of Year to Take a Hike

hike in the autumn forest

Are you still looking for best places to travel in 2019? Nature is certainly beautiful this time of year and it offers so many opportunities for both travelers and nature lovers alike. If you’re planning a trip this fall, adding a hiking trail or two onto the itinerary may be well worth the effort.

It may be obvious and goes without saying, but one of the most alluring things about travel in the fall are the leaves. Colors of bright red, orange, yellow, gold and shades of brown showcase themselves high atop trees like art on display at a gallery. There are many hiking trails throughout the U.S. that are ideal to enjoy this art show in the fall.

The cooler temperatures of fall make hiking more comfortable  as opposed to summer. Many mountainous regions closer to the equator, may offer an extended period of fall foliage to enjoy. While travel destinations further from the equator may see a shorter period of fall foliage.




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