As an international traveler, Mhde Askar started ‘Mhde Askar Travels’ to share the invaluable knowledge he’s acquired along the way. Traveling is more than just a hobby to Mhde; it is an ever-evolving lifestyle that is refined through every airplane ride and every exploration of a new place.

This informative blog is intended for travelers who want to refine the art of traveling. Mhde Askar has a wide and prolific understanding of the world, having visited nearly every continent, seen all of the oceans, and immersed himself in innumerable global communities. He is truly excited to share his experience and wisdom with you whether you are looking to travel overseas or domestically, long or short term.

Mhde Askar will cover a melange of travel-related topics including booking strategies, accommodation options, budgets, popular and obscure tourism, and cultural sensitivity. For Mhde, traveling does not mean taking contrived vacations, but rather continuing experiential education that cannot be found in textbooks or classrooms.